9. Urban-rural gap

For coexistence in rural areas to succeed, respect and consideration are needed from the population and also from farmers.
Only with mutual consideration conflicts and trouble can be avoided.

What should you consider?

Protect fields and meadows!
Meadows are not a place for recreation, nor a parking lot, because pressed down grass can no longer be used well by farmers.

No self-service!
Vegetables, grapes, berries, fruits or nuts may look tempting, but they belong to someone. The same applies to firewood in the forest.

Keep control over your Dog!
Take your dog on a leash and always collect the dog feces. Dog excrement contaminates the food, hence it can cause harm to the animals‘ health.

Respect the animals‘ environment!
Litter on the roadside contaminates the animals‘ feed and can kill them. When you see grazing herds of cattle, walk quietly past them and always close pasture fences.

What should the farmers consider?

Clear the road!
When farmers drive slow tractors on the roads, they should make sure that they clear the road from time to time. Many people are in a hurry and careless overtaking maneuvers are dangerous.

Respect rest periods!
Work that causes noise or manure which involves strong odor emission should not be carried out on weekends, in the evening or at night.

Respect public space!
When driving or cattle driving on public roads, care should be taken to keep them clean. If they do become contaminated, they should be cleaned immediately.

Maintain image!
Farmers should make sure that they take good care of the environment around the house and the farm because the farm is a business card for agriculture.