4. Wood as a source of energy

Is heating with wood climate neutral?

Heating with wood has a good reputation, because even the Federal Office for the Environment (BFU) advertises with the fact that wood only releases as much carbon dioxide when burned as was bound during growth. That is why heating with wood is CO2-neutral. Every cubic meter of wood that replaces fossil fuels saves about 600 kg of CO2.

so everything is fine with wood as fuel?

Not quite: Although there are many arguments in favor of wood energy, it must not be forgotten that wood heating systems emit more harmful pollutants to environment and health than oil and gas heating systems. Especially outdated and incorrectly operated wood furnaces pollute the environment with a lot of soot and fine dust.

we heat with wood

To our farm belong 1.7 ha of forest. We use the wood from our forest primarily as a source of energy, but also as timber. We heat our house with firewood and also the energy for hot water comes mostly from the wood. That is why we consume about 18m3 of firewood in one winter.

Heating with wood makes sense for us because we can obtain the firewood ourselves. This requires a considerable amount of work, but it is important that the wood is used. Because this rejuvenates and maintains the forest stand.
The firewood is dried for at least three years before it can be burned.