5. Biodiversity

Do you think that someone should clean up the place here and not leave brush piles? But these are built quite deliberately. Here you can learn why:

What is Biodiversity?

Biodiversity means variety. It describes the diversity of animals and plants as it only occurs in nature. On the one hand the different species, on the other hand the genetic diversity within a species. But due to the extensive cultivation of nature, this diversity is in danger. Therefore, we have to deliberately give creatures places where they can live.

how can we accomplish that?

With elements such as hedges, species-rich meadows (as in post 2), standard fruit trees and brush or stone piles, etc., nature is deliberately given space to flourish. Since these areas do not yield direct income and also hinder rational cultivation, the farmers receive direct payments.

Brush pile as a habitat

The piles provide important habitat and rich food for many animals, such as insects, reptiles, amphibians and also small mammals. Brush piles can serve as spot for hibernation, but also as hiding or nesting places. Who knows, maybe you will be lucky and discover something special in this branch pile:

ground beetle
common weasel
sand lizard