2. Bio Weide-Beef

What is Bio weide-beef?

This quality label stands for beef from happy animals. Our cattle are not only on the pasture thats on the label, but as soon as grass grows outside, the animals are on the green meadow daily. On hot summer days they stay in the cool loose housing, in exchange for being outside on the pasture at night. In winter, the animals romp around in the spacious playpen and in the uncovered run yard.

Why is the flock so colourful?

On our farm we keep between 40 and 44 cattle. These are females and bullocks (castrated males). Most of them are crosses between a dairy breed and a fattening breed like Limousin, Angus or Simmental. Sometimes there are also gray cattle, Hereford or Eringer. On the farm they are born, the calves receive milk until they are about six months old. Then the calves, which weigh about 200 kg, come to our farm for finishing. All of them come from certified organic farms in the area. On our farm they then live for about 20-23 months until they have reached the optimal weight.

How are the aniamls fed?

In summer our animals eat pasture grass, in winter hay, aftergrass and a little grass silage. We feed 100% of the farm’s own roughage, i.e. no soy and no corn. In addition to the roughage, we give the necessary amount of cattle salt and minerals, which help to keep the cattle healthy. Part of our herd spends the summer on the Mutteli alp high above the Gräppelen lake in Obertoggenburg.

Thanks to this ruminant-friendly feeding, our meat customers are delighted with the juicy, flavorful and healthy beef.

Where is the Meat sold?

As soon as the animals have reached a certain carcass weight, they are delivered to Migros Ostschweiz. In the larger Migros stores a wide range is offered, in smaller stores you get a partial offer such as organic pasture beef burger or steak.
Three to four times a year we also sell beef directly on the farm. You can find more information about this on our website (German).