Welcome to the Farm Tour!

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what is this Farm Tour?

There are 13 different posts distributed along a beautiful circular trail through the hamlets of Oetschwil, Untere Mühle, Platten and Laufen. You can scan the QR codes on the poles and access the content. At the stations you will learn about different sections of agriculture in an interesting way. The walk takes about 45 minutes and you will cross the Thur River at the wire footbridge and then a second time at the river power plant in the Soor. At any time of the year, the landscape has a lot to offer and we hope you enjoy your journey of discovery into nature.

Who made the farm tour?

This tour was created as an interdisciplinary project work of the Berufsmaturitätsschule St. Gallen in spring 2021 by Simon Lieberherr, Nico Rufer and Samuel Sutter. In collaboration with the Lieberherr family, we collected various information on the topics in general, but also specifically from this farm and implemented it into this tour.

German ↔ English

We have decided to created this tour in two languages to provide an exciting experience for english speaking visitors as well. To switch the language, tap the flag at the bottom of each page. The QR-Codes always open the german page so be sure to scroll to the bottom and switch to the english website at every station.